Iridescent black pearl, close up
Gold ring, oval sapphire blue with clear band in centre surrounded by clear and blue sapphires


Our earth, our community, our health is as unique as our jewellery.
These things need to be treasured.

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Ethical Jewellery



Purchase an ethical, real pearl necklace or real pearl bracelet composed of sterling silver; each freshwater pearl is individual and unique ensuring you receive a statement piece. The modern jewellery is handmade in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Having a geological background, only the highest quality components are used, ensuring all products are long-lasting. All our pearls are 100% natural including the colour; we offer black pearl, silver pearl or white pearl options.


Recycling is our focus, all packaging is recycled and recyclable; the translucent cord is 100% recycled and recyclable. The sterling silver is partially recycled (we are trying to improve this) and can be recycled. We are a zero-waste company. Sustainability is the key to our future.


We believe in giving back, 20% of our profit we donate to charity. Our jewellery is partially made by people who are out of work due to physical health or mental health reasons. We have set up a scheme to allow people to gently work from home in a no-pressure environment, as and when they feel up to it. Being the stepping stone from not working to carefully trying out the workplace again. We hope to encourage people back to work providing confidence and support in their own time.


We believe everybody should be able to own real jewellery and keep our prices affordable whilst keeping the fine jewellery high quality. Free shipping in the UK is offered with a 30 day returns policy. Made in UK.

Whether you are looking for a statement necklace, pearl jewellery, an ethical gift or products made in England, Astolos offers honesty and quality. Please help us make a positive impact.

Large white pearl floating necklace gleaming in the sun